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Welcome to Animas High School

We are a public, free charter school in Durango, Colorado. We offer a rigorous, personalized college preparatory curriculum that is engaging and meaningful. We deliver our curriculum through projects. That means that our students have the opportunity to apply their learning through relevant, real-world experiences. We have based our school off of a wildly popular and successful model from California called High Tech High ( Thanks for visiting our website and please feel free to drop by our school. Together we are accomplishing great things.


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Animas High School prepares students for post-secondary success by creating critical thinkers and engaged, service-oriented citizens able to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This is accomplished through:

  • A rigorous academic program that inspires a love of learning and teaches habits of success.
  • Engaging students through project-based learning and community partnerships that make education uniquely relevant to students.
  • A commitment to a collaborative environment within the school.
  • A culture of excellence that challenges yet supports each student.
  • The utilization of applied technology.
  • A small school environment where strong faculty-student relationships develop.

In preparing student for post-secondary success, Animas High School fosters the fundamental attributes of compassion, respect, integrity and resilience. Students are held to high standards of personal responsibility, as demonstrated by their attitudes, behaviors and scholarship. Ultimately, students will become effective citizens, contributing competently and energetically to the world around them.

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