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Enrollment FAQs

When Can I Enroll At Animas High School?

Enrollment for Animas High School remains open for a pre-determined, specified period of time each year. The guidelines state that enrollment opens on the first business day of January and closes the last business day of September. The lottery date is set by the AHS board each year and is usually set for late February or mid-March.

Visit our Enrollment Information & Events page to see enrollment current status.

What is the lottery process?

A random lottery is used to determine the list of students who are accepted to AHS ONLY when there are more students enrolled than the grade has seats available. The lottery process is determined for each grade. The lottery date is the date AHS administration will review and determine if there are more applications than available seats, triggering a random lottery draw for this same day. (Each grade will be evaluated separately to determine if the grade requires a lottery.) If a lottery is required, the random drawing of names will be used to create a full list of all accepted and waitlisted students. Any student who enrolls after a lottery has been triggered for a grade will be added to the bottom of the wait list on a first come basis.  Once the enrollment period closes (last business day of September) the waitlist is no longer valid. (It does not roll over to the new school year. All new applicants must reapply for the new school year.)

How Do I Enroll?

Enrollment forms are submitted electronically by interested students/parents via the AHS website or by returning a hard copy of the enrollment form to the school’s main office. Upon receiving enrollment forms, AHS will enter the student’s information into our enrollment database.

How Many Students Are Accepted Into AHS?

Animas High School is committed to maintaining a small school. The AHS Board of Directors annually determines class size capacity. The number of available seats for new student enrollment is determined by current class size and current student commitment to return. After estimating that number, the number of available seats to offer for enrollment is determined. AHS will not decrease the stated number of seats for a class, but may increase this number should we experience more attrition. Historically, we have been able to offer a seat to almost all students who enroll, so do not despair if you are initially put on the waiting list.

For more information, see our documented lottery process.

Can Anyone Enroll At Animas High School?

Animas High School follows a non-discriminatory enrollment policy as required by state law (Colorado SB 94-215). Animas High School is designed to be a public school of choice and pursuant to C.R.S. 22-30.5-507(3), Animas High School is available as an educational option for students in the region that qualify for admission. To qualify:

  • Students must submit a completed enrollment form
  • Students seeking admission to AHS must be successfully promoted from their prior grade.
  • Once accepted, students and a parent/guardian must complete and return a simple, non-discriminatory registration packet.
  • Once accepted, student and a parent/guardian must sign and agree to the policies and procedures as discussed in Animas High’s Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Once accepted, the student and a parent/guardian must complete Animas High School’s Orientation procedures.

Is There Always A Lottery?

Not necessarily! If enrollment does not exceed stated available seats for the grade by the lottery date (see Lottery Process), AHS will not hold a lottery. All enrolled students are accepted and new students may continue to enroll and be accepted until capacity is reached. After capacity has been met, a student who enrolls will be assigned to AHS’s waiting list in the order that enrollment forms are received.

How Do I Know If I’m Accepted or Not?

AHS will begin communicating student enrollment status after the lottery date. If lottery is required, all students who have enrolled shall receive a communication from school. The communication will either be an acceptance package or a letter informing the student they’ve been assigned to the school’s waiting list. Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter and registration packet. Students who have been placed on the waiting list will receive a letter notifying them of their waiting list status. If there is no lottery required, all enrolled students are accepted and will receive acceptance communication from the school.

What Do I Do If I’m Accepted?

You will receive an acceptance letter and registration packet. Students and their families need to complete the registration packet and return it to AHS on or before the specified return date. The deadline for returning registration packets will be clearly communicated in your acceptance letter. Registration packets and registration fees must be returned to AHS by the registration deadline or you will forfeit your spot at AHS.

What Happens If I’m Wait Listed?

You will receive a letter informing you of your waiting list status and what number you are on the waiting list. It is not uncommon for spots to open up in late summer or as the school year begins. If a spot does open up at AHS, the school will contact students in the order they are recorded on the waiting list. Students will receive an acceptance letter and registration packet from the school. The student has 5 school days from the postmark date to accept or decline the invitation to join AHS.

When Does Enrollment Close?

Enrollment for the upcoming academic year will close on the last business day of September. At this point, enrollment forms will no longer be accepted and the wait list is no longer valid.

Why Does AHS Close Enrollment?

At the end of September, AHS closes enrollment to new students. Through orientation and other initiatives early in the academic year, we establish cultural and academic norms and expectations, and find that these foundational efforts sustain our community during the rest of the school year. Taking new students throughout the year can be disruptive to the learning environment that we, as a school of choice, work hard to create with our faculty, staff and students during the beginning of each year.

What Do The Different “Student Status Codes” Mean In The Admissions Process?

  • When a student submits an enrollment form to AHS, their status is recorded as ENROLLED
  • When a student is accepted for admission to AHS, their status is recorded as ACCEPTED
  • When a student is added to the school’s waiting list, their status is recorded as WAIT LISTED
  • When a student returns a completed registration form and registration fee, their status is recorded as REGISTERED
  • When a student and their family attends the Parent Orientation meeting and shows up on the first day of school, their status is recorded as ATTENDING. Students are not officially AHS students until they are recorded as ATTENDING.

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