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Animas High School Lottery Exemption Policy

Effective October 10, 2011

If Animas High School receives more applications for enrollment than it has spaces available, priority

for admissions and exemption from the lottery shall be assigned in the following order:

1. Siblings of current and returning Animas High School students and siblings of AHS alumni are

exempt from the lottery. There is no limit to the number of siblings who can be exempted from the


2. An additional twenty percent (20%) of the seats by grade may be exempted from the lottery based

on the following order of prioritization as described below.

The children of:

1) Founders, defined as the members of the original Animas High School Steering Committee.

2) Current full or part time faculty and staff at Animas High School.

3) Past or present Board members who have been duly elected and served in that capacity in good


4) Volunteers who attained exemption status by volunteering prior to the opening of Animas High

School and who are listed on the Approved List of Lottery Exemptions.

5) Exempt Volunteers who attain exemption status after July 1st, 2011 by volunteering 75 hours prior

to enrollment. We encourage your continual volunteering after enrollment.

To demonstrate 20% lottery exempted seats in a grade using a class of 100 students: All siblings of

current AHS students and alumni are exempted from the lottery. An additional twenty students could

be exempted from the lottery, in the order of children of founders, children of current faculty and

staff, children of Board members, children of volunteers prior and post AHS opening.

Once siblings and 20% of a grade have been exempted, no additional students may be exempted

from the lottery for that school year. However, non‐exempted students may still enter the lottery.

Students exempt from the AHS lottery must complete all necessary enrollment and registration

forms prior to March 1st, the lottery date.

Exempt Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines To become exempt from the Animas High School


_ Volunteer 75 hours prior to the lottery exemption deadline. AHS recommends that families

volunteer 20 hours per year (or 5 hours per year for single parent families) while their students

attend AHS.

‐ Record volunteer hours in the log provided by Animas High School.

‐ All volunteer hours recorded must be approved by AHS staff.

‐ Volunteer hours carry forward each year.

‐ Only family members/guardians can earn volunteer hours toward lottery exemption.

‐ Volunteers will be exempted from the lottery in the order in which they complete their 75


‐ If a family has achieved volunteer status and chooses to not enroll their child the first year the

child is of age and grade to attend AHS, the lottery exempt status carries forward to the next year.

Lottery exempt status is no longer applicable if the student attempts to join a class that already has

all 20% of their exempted seats filled or if AHS is not open for enrollment that academic year. This

may be applicable if the family chooses to wait until Junior year to enroll their student, but AHS is

not accepting Juniors in that calendar year. The family may use the Lottery Exempt status for another

child in their immediate family.

Deadlines to attain Exempt Volunteer Status:

‐ For the class of 2016, volunteers must complete their 75 volunteer hours prior to February 1,

2012 and their 25 hours once their students attend AHS.

‐ For the class of 2017 and beyond, the 75 volunteer hours must be completed prior to

December 31st the school year before the student attends Animas High School, and the remaining 25

once the student attends AHS.

Approved List of Lottery Exemptions Founders, Board members and Exemptions Yet to Enroll at

AHS Class of 2016 and beyond June 7, 2011

Any additions to this list must be reviewed and confirmed by the AHS staff member charged with

maintaining the Lottery Exemption Database and approved by the Board of Directors.

Founders: Holly Jobson Phil Bryson

Board Members: Nancy Heleno, Catherine Gervais, Stan Johnson, Phil Settles

Volunteers with Exemption Prior to Opening: Barb Heinrich, Sondra Joyce, Scott Kuster,

Joel Aguilar, Mike Best, Kristy Clark, Daron Clay, Rick Feeney, Keegan Feeney, Connie Gordon, Teresa

Malone, Greg Mantell ,Andy Rude, Lavenia Taylor