Animas High School’s health Consultant, Etoile Hening, is a registered Nurse who oversees our health department.  Please take a moment to read the attached posted letter to understand the role of a “health consultant”.

Contact Information:

Etoile Hening, RN, BSN
970-769-9030 (Direct Confidential Cell)


State-required immunizations

Statement of non-medical exemption  (A new non-medical exemption form must be re-submitted every school year, even if the exemption is just for one vaccine)

Statement of medical exemption (Requires a Physician’s signature)

Online Exemption form
(goes directly into the Colorado Immunization Information System, CIIS) Please notify IF you submit forms electronically so we are aware we need to access them via CIIS.

Please access Vaccine Information for Parents and Guardians if you would like to review the most up to date info from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding recommended vaccines. Here is a link to common vaccine concerns and myths.

AHS is Exempting from administration of medical marijuana to a qualified student by school personnel due to the current conflicts with Federal law on this matter. AHS Policy for Administering Medical Marijuana to Students

Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the 9R School District, AHS students are able to ride all routes of the 9R buses to Durango High School in the morning, where they can then transfer to the hub bus that delivers them to AHS.  The hub bus leaves DHS and arrives at AHS so that our students are on time for their first period classes.  Students may also board the hub bus at DHS without taking a route bus beforehand.  In the afternoons, the hub bus will leave AHS after school to DHS; students may then board another 9R bus to return home.

Please be aware that on the days when 9R is not in session, neither the 9R route buses or the hub bus will be available.  In addition, AHS students will not have access to the hub bus or 9R route buses on Monday afternoons, as 9R schools have early release and we do not.

If you are interested in using either of these bus options, please read both the Student Behavior Regulations and the Student Conduct on Buses then fill out the 9R bus form. Download the form(s) then fill it out and attach it to an email and send it to:


Transportation Forms & Policies

If you are having trouble viewing this form click here

If you are having trouble viewing this form click here