All AHS families should complete the application for Free/Reduced Lunch even if they believe they will not qualify. In the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, select “More” and then select “Meal Benefits.” Paper copies of the application are also available in the main office.

Medical Statement Form (English)
Medical Statement Form (Spanish)

At AHS, we support families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch in a variety of ways:

Food Assistance

  • Students who qualify may order one lunch per day through the AHS website at no cost or reduced cost ($4).
  • We provide free breakfast and sack lunches.

Fee Waivers

  • Your family will not be responsible for paying the annual Technology Fee  or course fees associated with any academic class.
  • The fee for Summer School online courses is reduced for students who receive free or reduced lunch.

College Application Assistance

  • Our college counselor will help  students who qualify receive fee waivers for both the ACT and SAT exams, college application fees and college deposit fees
  • The college counselor will recommend specific scholarship and summer programs to students who qualify.
  • Students should never pay for anything related to college before checking with the college counselor.


  • Qualifying students can receive a transit sticker from our Registrar and affix it to their school ID. This allows them to ride Durango Public Transit for free for a calendar year.

We are committed to connecting families with resources beyond what we can provide at school as well. Families can always reach out to our school counselor, Erin Skyles at [email protected]com, if they are seeking information about access to food, housing, etc.

Animas High School’s health Consultant, Etoile Hening, is a registered Nurse who oversees our health department.  Please take a moment to read the attached posted letter to understand the role of a “health consultant”.

Contact Information:

Etoile Hening, RN, BSN
[email protected]
970-769-9030 (Direct Confidential Cell)


2022-23 Immunization Chart

Statement of non-medical exemption  (Requires a Physician’s signature. A new non-medical exemption form must be re-submitted every school year, even if the exemption is just for one vaccine)

Statement of medical exemption (Requires a Physician’s signature)

Please access Vaccine Information for Parents and Guardians if you would like to review the most up to date info from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regarding recommended vaccines. Here is a link to common vaccine concerns and myths.

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, the process of filing a nonmedical exemption will change. There will be two ways to file a nonmedical exemption.  Be sure to check with your student’s school or child care to find out if it needs a copy of the certificate of nonmedical exemption.

  • File the certificate of nonmedical exemption WITH a signature from an immunizing provider, OR
  • File the certificate of nonmedical exemption received upon the completion of our online education module.
  • Parents of students in grades K-12 claiming a nonmedical exemption must file one annually. Nonmedical exemptions expire June 30 each year. If you submit a nonmedical exemption on or before June 30, it will not be valid for the upcoming school year unless you signed the exemption during early registration.

Downloadable certificate of  nonmedical exemption:

English | Spanish (Español) | Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) | Arabic (عربى) | Korean (한국어) | Chinese (中文) | Russian (русский) | Somali (Soomaali)

Online Immunization Education Module

  • The online education module is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • At the completion of the module, you will be able to complete a form to obtain a certificate of nonmedical exemption. You can complete this form for more than one child without having to retake the course.
  • IMPORTANT: Nonmedical exemptions expire each year on June 30. If you submit a nonmedical exemption on or before June 30, it will not be valid for the upcoming school year unless you signed the exemption during early registration.

AHS is Exempting from administration of medical marijuana to a qualified student by school personnel due to the current conflicts with Federal law on this matter. AHS Policy for Administering Medical Marijuana to Students

Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the 9R School District, AHS students are able to ride all routes of the 9R buses to Durango High School in the morning, where they can then transfer to the Hub Bus that delivers them to AHS. The Hub Bus leaves DHS and arrives at AHS so that our students are on time for their 1st period classes. Students may also board the Hub Bus at DHS without taking a route bus beforehand. In the afternoons, the Hub Bus will leave AHS after school to transport students to DHS; students may then board another 9R bus to return home.

The Hub Bus is NOT available Monday afternoons since 9R schools have early release while AHS does not. Please be aware that on the days when 9R is not in session, neither the 9R route buses or the Hub Bus will be available.

Visit the Durango 9R Transportation webpage to learn more and to register your student. Families must re-register students each school year by completing the online Registration Form.

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At AHS, we know that student wellbeing is foundational to learning. One of the ways we usually work to support physical and mental health is through our XBlock program, which provides weekly opportunities to exercise through partnerships with community-based organizations such as Chapman Hill, Durango Rock Lounge, Durango Rec Center, The Good Fight, Alpine Aerial Acrobatics, Durango Gymnastics and more. XBlock meets once a week, on Wednesdays for about 90 minutes. These classes contribute to our Culture of Excellence as students play alongside teachers and students in other grade levels who share similar interests. We require 3 years of XBlock credit to graduate from AHS. Most XBlock classes take place off campus and we release students from those locations at the end of the school day.

Course Offerings: (Click Here)
Request Form: (Click Here)

  1. Complete the Spring 2021 XBlock Credit: Student Form
  2. Have an adult (parent, coach, mentor) complete the Spring 2021 XBlock Credit: Parent/Coach/Mentor Form
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