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Sean Woytek – Head of School

As a third generation educator, Sean continues his passion for creating an education system that fosters the love of learning and opens the doors of possibilities.  After working in failing schools located in areas in most need of quality schools, he left teaching in order to elevate teacher and student voice as well as get at the root of equity.  Through this pursuit he completed a residency at High Tech High in San Diego. During the day he helped direct a school along the Mexico/US border while at night took classes through the High Tech High graduate school. Through this work he was able to learn how to systematically provide an equitable and engaging education to all students. This led to him moving his family to Durango for a once in a lifetime chance to lead a school such as Animas High School. Over these last 6 years, Animas has moved from a start-up charter school to one that strives to serve all students through a hands on, teacher designed, rigorous curriculum that utilizes personalization and engaged learning in order to provide an equitable education.

Sean has two wonderful boys, David and John, and a fantastic wife, Isabel, also an educator.  He spends most of his free time running around with his boys and relaxing with his wife.