Sean Woytek
(970) 247-2474  x2308

As a third generation educator, Sean continues his passion for creating an education system that fosters the love of learning and opens the doors of possibilities.  He started out as a teacher in the district in which he graduated, working alongside teachers who had taught him.  He then moved on to help with the first innovation school in the state and finished at a multiple pathways school.  During this time he help found the New Millennium Initiative along with eight other teachers. Today that organization has grown to over 300 members across Colorado and has shape education at the district and state level.  Most of his teaching career was in Denver Public Schools in which his family has taught since just after WWII.  He taught a little bit of everything: P.E., Spanish, computers, social science, and keyboarding. he went through the process of designing a K-12 dual language expeditionary school. Through this opportunity he was able to gain a school leadership residency at High tech High Chula Vista where he co-led a school while also obtaining a master’s degree through the HTH graduate school of education.

Sean has two wonderful boys, David and John, and a fantastic wife, Isabel, also an educator.  He spends most of his free time running around with his boys and relaxing with his wife.