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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

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Our Mission:

  • Understand parent interests and express them to the Board of Directors of AHS
  • Coordinate parent volunteer opportunities (including fund-raising)
  • Maintain communication between the Head of School and parents
  • Survey parents about their satisfaction with the school and report the results to the Board of Directors

Welcome to Animas High School from PAC!

Joining the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a great way to get involved in your student’s high school education, stay informed, meet other parents and learn about volunteer opportunities at Animas High School. We meet monthly to answer your questions, discuss important school issues, plan special events and get school updates from Head of School, Sean Woytek.

See the PAC Events Calendar below for dates, times and locations.

Animas High School is a public charter school, but unlike most public schools, charter schools do not receive funding for building/facility costs. Part of PAC’s mission is to raise funds to cover these additional expenses. Our fundraising efforts include:

  • Fall Friendraiser  A special evening to engage and thank our parents and community. At this event, held at the Henry Strater Theater, we showcase students and their projects. Be sure to save the date!
  • Annual Parent Appeal Letter This is an appeal to all families to make a financial contribution to AHS. We aim for 100% participation and support!
  • Student Coffee Sale  We partner with a local company, Desert Sun Coffee, for this student-driven fundraiser. Our goal is for each student to sell a minimum of 6 bags of coffee.

See our PAC events calendar below for specific dates, times and locations.

In addition, you can support the school with no additional cost to you by using:

  • Online Shopping with Social Transactions (STRX).This allows you to generate a small donation to AHS with every online transaction you make! By installing it on your browser, STRX will facilitate the donation at no additional cost to you! To get started, click on http//
  • City Market Value Cards. A portion of your grocery bill will be donated to AHS every time you shop. This just takes a minute! If you already have a card, email your name, phone number, and Value Card number to: If you don’t have a value card, get one, it’ll save you money! Here’s how:
    • Log on to
    • Click on “City Market Community Rewards” on the left hand side
    • Create your own Kroger account following the directions on the screen
    • Once your account is created search for “Animas High School” under “Find your Organization” and click on it.  (If you need assistance please email and we will help get you set up.)
  • Office Depot Rebate will donate 5% of your purchase to Animas, IF you mention AHS at checkout every time you shop at Office Depot.
  • Schoola allows us to raise money for AHS via a children’s clothing drive. Donate gently used, quality children’s clothing and Schoola sells them through their online store. Up to 40% percent of the proceeds are donated to AHS. Request your free clothing-donation bag at

There are many ways to you can make a difference and be involved at Animas High School. Here are some volunteer opportunities:

Fall Friendraiser. Email if you are interested in helping with this event.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. This is one way PAC shows our appreciation to our fabulous AHS’ teachers and staff. PAC organizes and hosts a delicious luncheon for all staff at AHS. If you are interested in helping with this event email

Coffee Sales. PAC organizes this event, which typically occurs in January. We need help getting sales envelopes to students, organizing coffee and distributing orders to students.

Sorrell Sky Event. This special evening celebrates the hard work and contributions of our graduating seniors. Email if you’re interested in helping with this event.

Graduation Committee. Helps plan activities associated with graduation. Email if you are interested in joining.

Community Outreach. These volunteers represent Animas High School at public events, including Information Sessions, Exhibitions, public AHS functions and other events in the community throughout the year. You will answer questions about the school, gather information about potential students, and otherwise facilitate events. Training is provided. (No limit to the number of volunteers)

Volunteer Coordinator.  Assess volunteer needs at the school, including ongoing school/building jobs, teacher requested volunteers, volunteers for events & PAC fundraisers, study hall monitors, and community-member led SIGs. Publicize volunteer opportunities, recruit from parent base and the community, train volunteers when necessary, create instruction/information sheets when necessary, provide volunteer badges and plan volunteer acknowledgement event.

PAC Minutes

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Upcoming PAC Events

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