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Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the 9R School District, AHS students are able to ride all routes of the 9R buses to Durango High School in the morning, where they can then transfer to the hub bus that delivers them to AHS.  The hub bus leaves DHS and arrives at AHS so that our students are on time for their first period classes.  Students may also board the hub bus at DHS without taking a route bus beforehand.  In the afternoons, the hub bus will leave AHS after school to DHS; students may then board another 9R bus to return home.

Please be aware that on the days when 9R is not in session, neither the 9R route buses or the hub bus will be available.  In addition, AHS students will not have access to the hub bus or 9R route buses on Monday afternoons, as 9R schools have early release and we do not.

If you are interested in using either of these bus options, please read both the Student Behavior Regulations and the Student Conduct on Buses then fill out the 9R bus form. Download the form(s) then fill it out and attach it to an email and send it to:


Transportation Forms & Policies