Susy came from California to Colorado 20 years ago because she and her husband were touring mountain towns with colleges, and their car broke down on the corner of 25th and Main. After moving here, she spent those early years in Durango as a tour guide, traveling to Europe and South America leading biking and hiking trips. This was her opportunity to use her French degree and to improve her Spanish in a real world situation, but the arrival of her first child ended her tour guiding career. After a few years at home with kids, she started teaching foreign language in Durango area schools including Children’s House, Miller Middle School, and Durango High School. Corresponding with a national trend to study Spanish, Susy and her family took a year to study abroad in Spain and Mexico, and she returned to Durango and eventually found Animas High School, where she’s happy to be back in the classroom helping Durango youth start on their path toward becoming multi-lingual.