Good morning juniors and parents,
With upcoming ACT/SAT season upon us I wanted to send out an email with information and resources for the upcoming months.
Unfortunately to everyone’s frustration we have still not received the PSAT scores. This is a universal issue that is spanning across multiple states and unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We have been told that we should receive these scores by the end of this month.
All juniors will be doing their LINK internships at this time, which will make it difficult to meet individually with students to review the scores as originally intended. However, once scores are received I intend to reach out to students and parents that are still in the area and could come in for appointments to review their scores. I will also reach out to students that are not in the area but are able to meet either via Skype or Google Hangouts during the month of March. All juniors will have met with me individually by the end of April to review their scores.
2) ACT in April
As previous emails have stated all juniors will be taking the ACT either April 9th at a national testing location (ACT with writing) or on April 19th at Animas High School (ACT without writing). Feb 10th was the deadline to get a voucher to take the ACT with writing. If you have questions about this process please contact our testing coordinator Dusty at [email protected] or 970-24-2474 ext. 2309.
3) ACT/SAT Preparation
Animas High School incorporates preparation for the ACT/SAT throughout our entire curriculum. I believe this is demonstrated through what are current ACT scores show when measured up against benchmarks, state, and national scores. Check out how we are doing below.
Subject Bench Mark AHS State National
Even though teachers are preparing students for the content of these exams in their classes, students can also be preparing outside of school in a variety
of different formats. I have listed some various options for students and parents to pursue below.
Free Resources:

  • Practice booklets can be obtained in Jess’ office
  • Khan Academy– free SAT test preparation. Students can even upload your PSAT scores into the site and it will help design a practice program on areas the
    student needs to improve in.


  • Practice booklets can be obtained in Jess’ office
  • Naviance– student can log in and use the ACT preparation videos that are linked to their portal
  • website that allows students to prepare for testing

Resources with a Cost:

  • ACT/SAT preparation books- These usually cost from $20-$40 and can be found at Maria’s Bookstore, as well as on- line.
  • Test Prep Tutoring- Sara Tescher is starting a new academic tutoring center that will be focusing on ACT/SAT content. Please contact Jess if you would
    like her contact information.
  • PrepNow– on-line test prep tutoring that can demonstrate with date results. 800-903-7737
  • Ivy Bound– on-line test prep tutoring. 860-666-3999

Information on ACT/SAT exams:
There are a variety of ways to gain more information about the ACT and SAT test. Please refer below to the following resources

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the resources and/or information that has been provided in this email.
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