Hello Everyone,
AHS Student Council and the faculty and administration of AHS would like to send out a big congratulations to those of you involved in the creation of the new AHS dress code. The creation of the new dress code has been a work in progress, almost since the first week that school started. As the discussion over the dress code and enforcement of this code grew, we knew it was time to take action. That’s when some of your fellow classmates (particularly Kody John, Hannah Bissell, and Courtney Beeman for submitting proposals) advocated for change, bringing real and recognizable revisions to the current code. Over the last two weeks, we have been getting our ducks in a row in order to launch this new dress code. Finally, after much anticipation, we are excited to bring you the new Animas High School dress code.
Reminder: if you choose to be out of dress code, teachers and faculty will be enforcing this new dress code, and consequences will uphold the professionalism and appropriateness of Animas High School accordingly. You will be asked to change so that you are within dress code, and we will provide clothing for you if you are unable to do so yourself. Please look over the dress code and be the responsible young adults that we all know you are. Below is a description of the new dress code:
For daily life at school and at school-related events, our expectations include:

  • SAME: Long shirts, tunics, shorts or skirts when wearing leggings so that front and back are covered below the bottom
  • SAME: Shorts/skirts/dresses that fall to at least mid-thigh as measured from the top of the thigh to the top of the knee
  • SAME: No sheer clothing or plunging necklines; shoulders are covered with a minimum of two fingers of shirt width; no exposed undergarments, backs or midsections or sides
  • SAME: No pictures or messages promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, profanity, violence, gang-related themes or discrimination
  • SAME: No athletic pants/shorts, sweatpants or sleepwear–sport team uniform tops are encouraged on game days, and community members can change into athletic wear for XBlock
  • NEW: Closed-toed footwear must be worn when required for safety; teachers will let students know ahead of time when they will need to wear closed-toed shoes, otherwise open-toed shoes are allowed with the exception of flip-flops
  • NEW: While in the school buildings, hats and beanies are okay, but not hoods and sunglasses; teachers may ask students to remove hats in class at their discretion
  • NEW: Clothing should be free of rips and tears with the exception of small rips and tears in pants at or below the knee
  • NEW: Clothing should be free of rips and tears with the exception of small rips and tears in pants at or below the knee

We appreciate the advocacy of our students and the ability for our faculty to hear student voice and find middle ground. Thank you, again, to all who have been involved in this process!
Sean and Lyle