Dear Osprey Students and Families,
At NEST Meeting tomorrow morning, our faculty and staff will unveil the exciting array of choices available to AHS students for Osprey Week, which takes place March 20 through 24 this year.  Osprey Week is a student-selected, faculty-led adventure that allows students to broaden their horizons while participating in enriching experiences, most of which happen off campus or even outside of Durango.  We believe that our school community is strengthened through shared travel and projects and that Osprey Week is a valuable experience for individual students and staff alike; participation in Osprey Week is a required part of our program for everyone, all four years.  Our teachers are really excited to share their passions for music, skiing, food, wilderness exploration, film, art, biking, rafting, metalwork and more!
Our Osprey Week offerings for 2017 will be published here on Wednesday afternoon.  Over the next two weeks, we encourage families to talk over the available options to see what works best.  On Wednesday, November 16, we will send out a survey to all students via email, asking them to indicate their top five choices.  Our goal is to give students one of their top choices; factors we use to determine placement include seniority, whether a student has received first choice in the past and consideration of the overall makeup of the group.
For more information about Osprey Week, including photos from past years, please visit the Osprey Week website here.  As always, please do reach out with any questions or concerns.