Torrey Baldwin

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Torrey has spent her professional life straddling the [...]

Torrey Baldwin2009-08-15T13:40:15-06:00

Dave Farkas

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT An adventurer at heart, traveling the world and [...]

Dave Farkas2009-08-13T10:34:54-06:00

Julian Springer

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Growing up in Nepal in the late 90s, [...]

Julian Springer2009-08-13T10:00:17-06:00

Tina Hott

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Tina was born and raised in the outdoors [...]

Tina Hott2009-08-13T09:37:43-06:00

Janae Hunderman

INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR As a graduate of both Durango High School [...]

Janae Hunderman2009-08-13T09:37:18-06:00

Christine Imming

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE  Christine moved to Durango to attend Fort [...]

Christine Imming2009-08-13T09:36:55-06:00

Jessica McCallum

HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT Jessica started her education at Michigan State University, [...]

Jessica McCallum2009-08-13T09:36:30-06:00

Roxy McKnight

DIGITAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Roxy was born and farm raised from [...]

Roxy McKnight2009-08-13T09:36:05-06:00

Kurt Pattison

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT  Kurt Pattison is originally from Denver Colorado and [...]

Kurt Pattison2009-08-13T09:35:33-06:00

Heather Prekup

INCLUSION DEPARTMENT Heather moved to Durango in 2013 from Keller, [...]

Heather Prekup2009-08-13T09:35:06-06:00