In an effort to provide students with a more engaging SIG hour, we would like to make the following changes.
1. Exploratories
– In an effort to “re-market” this hour of the day, SIG’s will now be referred to a s Exploratories.
– The purpose of Exploratories is to spark interest in topics that students have not been exposed to and
extend student knowledge and expertise in topics they already have an interest in.
2. What’s the same?
– Offered twice a week for one hour
– Homework free with a focus on building culture and inspiring a love of learning
– Pass or Fail
– Help Classes will still be offered for each content area.
3. What’s different?
– Exploratories will last for one semester (some may be a full year)
– Teachers will create a syllabus addressing the following:
• Goal of the course
• Topics covered and guiding questions
• Teachers develop a clear outline of what students need to do in order to pass the course.
– Teacher’s facilitating Help Classes will track student progress.
• Students can elect to be in a Help Class
• Students will be removed from their Exploratory and moved into a Help Classes as needed
• Students need to be passing their class for two weeks before they can re-enter their Exploratory.
4. Ideas
– Psychology – Robotics
– Science Fair – Apiary Science
– Philosophy – Improv