We are pleased to introduce the new car pooling section on our website. Please visit animashighschool.com/car-pooling/ to check it out! (Note, you are required to sign in to view this board). The page is a message board where parents and students of Animas High School can post if they need a ride or have space for others. We aim to reduce traffic and pollution and increase efficiency and sustainability, as well as provide for those in a transportation bind.
The message board is driven by Google Groups and requires a Google ID which each student already has. If you would like to use your personal, non-Google email address that is fine however you must create a Google ID. By creating a Google ID you are not required to use Gmail. Here is a great slide show that explains how to create a Google ID with a non-Google email: http://www.slideshare.net/NotJustCricket/using-non-google-id-with-google-groups
Any questions please email Dusty at [email protected]