We want to share that we have decided to push our daily start time back 10 minutes, from 8:15 to 8:25, beginning next Monday, September 15th.  Our school day will still end at 3:15.  We have many students taking advantage of the free transportation from DHS to AHS in the morning, which is great.  However, the bus has consistently been arriving at 8:20, making students late to class. It is not possible for the bus to arrive earlier, nor can we push the end of the day later and still have students be able to ride the 9R route buses home.  We feel that providing transportation for our families is crucial, and therefore, we have shaved 1 minute from each class period and 1 minute from each passing period.  You may download to view and print the new daily schedule here.  Please rest assured that this slight revision in our daily schedule will in no way compromise the excellent education that we’re able to offer.  Our faculty reached consensus around this change, and we see it as the best possible way to support our students.

Download or print bell-schedule2014-15-revised.pdf