Good afternoon everyone,
Can you believe we only have six more weeks of school? This year has flown by! This email is to focus on four key areas that are important for the college preparation process next year. Please review this entire email and contact me with any questions you may have.
1)      ACT and SAT exams

  • At this point all juniors have taken the ACT this past April.  We have been informed that all scores will be made available by end of July.
  • Regarding which test to take and if you should take the exam a second time:

a) Every senior should take either the ACT or SAT at least twice due to a usual trend in a rising score from the first to second time, as well as the possibility of some colleges super scoring the subcategory scores.
b) Your student does not have to take both the ACT and SAT twice. They can choose to take one exam twice and also practice for that one exam.
c) It is also completely acceptable for your student to take the SAT once and then determine which exam (either ACT or SAT) they would like to take a second time.

  • Students will need to register for all future exams through the ACT and SAT websites.

a) Students will need to create an account on each of these websites.
b) Families will have to pay to register for these exams. (If you believe your family would qualify for free and reduced lunch please contact me, these exam charges will be able to be waived)
c) The websites for each of these exams can be located on my digital portfolio under the “Testing” section, along with a variety of preparation options for the students to practice.

  • Students determine now when you will take your second exam.

a) ACT Test Score Dates

  • Test Date:  June 11                   Registration Deadline: May 6th

Registration Deadlines for the below dates have not been released yet.

  • Test Date: September 10
  • Test Date:  October 22
  • Test Date: December 10

b) SAT Test Score Dates

  • Test Date: June 4                      Registration Deadline: May 20th

These are the “anticipated” dates for next year. Registration deadlines for the below dates have not been released yet.

  • Test Date: October 1st
  • Test Date: Nov 5th
  • Test Date: Dec. 3rd

2)      Senior Information Night

  • Please mark on your calendars to attend the Senior Information Night on Tuesday, May 31st from 5-7pm in the Commons.
  • We will go over necessary college information, key dates, and college preparation items that can be taken care of over the summer.

3)      Junior College Preparation Camp

  • I will be offering a 3 day free college preparation camp for all Animas Juniors to attend.
  • This camp will be held at Animas High School on the following dates June 6th, 7th, & 8th
  • Students can plan on doing the following:

a) finalizing a college list of schools to apply to
b) start the Common Application
c) have a draft with edits of admission essays
d) participate in mock interviews for admission and scholarship purposes
e) understand the financial aid process for next year.

  • In order to start organizing this event I will need a head count of how many students will plan on attending this event. Please have your students sign up here if they will be attending.

4)      Letters of Recommendation
A) Counselor Recommendations

  • Starting next year counselor recommendations will be written by senior advisors
  • I will give a list of students that will need counselor recommendations to senior advisor by the end of June.
  • This list will be determined based off of the requirements of the colleges that students are applying to (not all schools require a counselor recommendation)

B) Teacher Recommendations

  • Juniors will need to have their college list and meet with me to review which colleges they will need letters of recommendation from and how many
  • If you student attends the Junior College Preparation Camp this will be taken care of in the camp
  • Together the student and I will determine how many teacher recommendations they need for the application process and what teachers they would like to ask letters of recommendation from
  • Starting on June 9th students will be able to submit a request to the teachers they would like to have write their letters of recommendation. (students will have had to meet with me prior to determine their need)
  • Below is the format and policy for teacher recommendations

a) In an email the student will request a letter of recommendation to the selected faculty member
b) Student will provide in the email: (all of these resources will be on my DP under Letters of Recommendation)

  1. Resume
  2. Parent Brag Sheet
  3. Deadline that the letter of recommendation needs to be received
  4. The teacher recommendation letter contract (attached to this email)

c) If students do not abide by the contract (provide all materials that are requested) then they will not receive the letter of recommendation
d) At the time that the student picks up the letter of recommendation they will bring with them a thank you note that they will give to the teacher
All of this information was communicated to all juniors last week in an assembly during advisory. However, I noticed there were several students that were absent from that discussion so please review this and let me know if there are any questions.
I look forward to working with all of you next year and hope to build in more preparation in order to combat the changes in the college landscape that we are anticipating next year and ensure that all of you feel supported through this process.
Warm Regards,

Jessica Adams :: College Counselor :: Animas High School
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