Osprey Blocks are three-week long courses designed to engage students through academically rigorous, cross-disciplinary, immersive studies that connect classroom learning to powerful, real-world experiences. The world becomes our classroom, and Osprey Block classes take advantage of the shift in our schedule by engaging in more frequent off-campus excursions and activities, including wilderness-based expeditions and travel.

During Osprey Blocks, we hit pause on the regular daily schedule to allow for full immersion into one focused area of study. Osprey Blocks are team-taught, and students receive .5 academic credit upon successful completion, as they do for semester-long elective courses. They are graded using our regular letter grade system. 

Students in all grades participate side-by-side in Osprey Blocks, contirbuting to our school culture through collaborative project work and relationship-building. Juniors complete their LINK Internships and seniors wrap up Senior Projects during spring Osprey Blocks.