Hi Osprey families and community,
AHS currently has a variety of construction and maintenance needs.
If you have professional skills, contacts or supplies within the carpentry, painting, electrical or landscaping fields please be sure to provide us with your contact information. You can either reply to me (Sean) or email Laurel Rodd ([email protected]).
Obviously, any work or materials that can be donated to the school would hugely help stretch our budget, and donation receipts can be provided. We would love to see contributions and support from our Osprey families.
Some of our immediate needs (in the next two weeks, per the fire inspector) are:

  • Carpentry (wall and ceiling fixes, railing construction, metal ramp addition, etc.)
  • Painting (finish wall painting)
  • Landscaping (shrubbery cut down behind the Jesse Hutt Wing and along the creek)

We are also gathering on Friday, October 20th after school (before the snow flies) to:

  • Assemble fencing behind the Michael Ackerman Wing  (materials provided)
  • Install an electrical outlet for outdoor projects  (materials provided)
  • Build a structure (designed by our students) to house an outside work area  (materials provided)
  • Haul away debris

Our interior wish list:

  • Built-in cabinets and desks in the Commons
  • Hang artwork and finish interior painting (we are 90% complete, just a few walls to go!)

Even if you’re not professionally trained, we could use your help with some of the physical labor. Please reply as soon as possible so we can seek outside help if it becomes necessary. The attached document has more details.
Thank you for all that you continue to do for our Ospreys,