Good evening Sophomore parents,
Janae, the Sophomore Team, and  I wanted to email all of you about the exciting program we will be launching next week with all of our sophomores. Next week your students will be engaging in Sophomore Inspire Week, a week long program focused on college and career preparation, exploration of self, and giving back to the community. Inspired by High Tech High, Janae and I along with our sophomore team have been working on creating a week that will best fit our school’s schedule. We are excited to embark on this new program and look forward to learning through our journey.
The schedule for next week will be altered for all sophomores in order to participate in these events. Below I have listed our schedule for each day with some information about our program.
Next Monday & Tuesday: February 5th & 6th
All sophomores will attend their academic electives. During their core class periods they will be working in groups through workshops that focus on resumes, career interests, scholarships, and portfolio platforms. All workshops will be led by our Sophomore team of teachers with support from myself and Janae.
Next Wednesday & Thursday: February 7th & 8th
All sophomores will be off campus at a 2- day community service project with a local nonprofit. Sophomores chose from 8 community service events today that they would like to take part in and will be contacted by the lead teacher of the service project they chose by tomorrow afternoon. Each service project is unique in nature and will focus on a group of sophomores working on a project that will need to be completed for their organization of choice. Sophomore teachers and some non instructional staff will each lead a service project which will include contacting students and parents, obtaining permission forms, and discussing transportation needs.
Next Friday: February 9th
All sophomores will be back on campus and will attend their academic electives. During their core classes sophomores will work in their community service groups to debrief about their community service experience, document their experience with artifacts on a new portfolio platform and present what they learned in the afternoon to our freshman students. We will finish up with a closing celebration and feedback loop about how the week went.
The Sophomore Team and Future Life Department have been working diligently to launch this new program as a hopeful tradition for each sophomore class at Animas High School. We are excited to see our ideas and hard work come into action starting next week. As with all new programs, we are aware that there will be bumps in the road and pieces we will need to refine in this process for the future. With that in mind we ask all of you to help us work with our sophomore students to get them excited, to explore, and to grow during this week.
If you have any questions regarding next week please feel free to contact myself or Janae. Also if you are interested in contributing to this program please let us know how you would like to support.
Thank you all for your support with this new program.
Warm Regards,
Jess, Janae, and The Sophomore Team