Hello 10th grade parents and students!
The year is off to a great start here at Animas High School, and we are contacting you to give you all the details about one of the most formative experiences of the 10th grade: the sophomore camping trip.  Every year, the 10th grade team organizes a camping trip for the entire 10th grade in order to build community, facilitate class bonding, and have an experience that sets the 10th grade apart from other years.
This year, our camping trip will be on Weds, 9/18 to Friday, 9/20.  We will be traveling via bus to Florida Campground after advisory on Wednesday, and returning Friday afternoon.
For all other details, please see the 10th Grade Camping Trip Letter– all the documents and forms you need are linked on that letter.
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly!
Lori Fisher