We are looking forward to welcoming juniors back to Animas High School next Tuesday! Hopefully you have had a chance to read the Welcome Letter we sent to families last week, chock full of information about the start of the school year; if not, you can view that letter here.
Our 1ith grade students will spend the first two days of the school year in Advisory groups, engaged in a wide range of orientation activities that will set them up for success in the year ahead. All days begin and end at AHS, with a start time of 8:25. Juniors will have early release on Tuesday at 2:15. Release for the rest of the week will be at 3:25, as usual.

  • Tuesday, 11th graders will meet at school in the morning and then travel to Haviland Lake. All juniors’ cell phones will be collected prior to going on the field trip for the day. This is in order to have a space and time for all of us to connect with each other without using technology. We will give back the phones to the students at the end of the day. If there is an emergency and you need to get in touch with your student, please contact the school and Bridget will contact the staff that are at Haviland Lake. All students will ride on the bus to and from Haviland Lake. Students are not permitted to drive. We will release juniors at 2:15 pm on Tuesday, 8/21. Please make sure that your student has any emergency medication that could possibly be needed (e.g. EPI Pens, inhalers, Glucagon) with him/her prior to leaving home in the morning on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday, students in all grades will be on campus for the day, and we will end the day with our first NEST Meeting of the year, gathering together as a full school community to kick off the year. We will start the morning on Wednesday with a junior class breakfast potluck. Please note below what each advisory will be responsible for supplying to ensure we have a yummy feast.  We’ll go over this with each advisory on Tuesday to remind the students.
  • Jess’s Advisory: Pancakes, butter, syrup
  • Roxy’s Advisory: Beverages
  • Kurt’s Advisory: Yogurt + Granola
  • Britt’s Advisory:  Baked Goods
  • Ashley’s Advisory: Fruit, Bagels, Cream Cheese (choose 1)
  • Lauren’s Advisory: Eggs, Butter, Cheese

*PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT provide paper plates/utensils. Please bring a reusable mug/bowl or plate and utensils.  We’ll store these in advisor’s classrooms throughout the year to use when needed to help us cut down on waste! Catered lunch begins on this day.

  • Thursday is the first day of academic classes for all students.

All students will have their school photos taken on Thursday for Student ID Cards, which will be issued within the first two weeks of school. We have installed a new security system on our campus, and students and staff will need to use ID Cards to enter our buildings.This is the first day that students will need their laptop computers; please leave them home Tuesday and Wednesday.
Gear/Supplies to bring to Lake Haviland
Please check the weather in advance and be prepared for rain and cold. If you don’t own these things, please try borrowing!

·         Sack lunch
·         Snacks
·         Water bottle (at least 1 Liter)
·         Reusable mug, plate, utensils (to leave in advisory classroom and used throughout the year for snack time so we can cut down on waste!)
·         Notebook/journal and pen/pencil
·         Hydration pack/Backpack
·         Hiking shoes or sneakers
·         Hat with brim
·         Comfortable clothing for hiking and games
·         Rain jacket
·         Warm layer
·         Hiking shoes
·         Sunglasses
·         Bathing suit
·         Sunscreen (SPF 30 or greater, waterproof)
Toys (optional!)
·         Fully charged camera No iPhones or Smartphones, or any other kind of electronics- besides, we don’t have service out where we are.
·         Frisbee/Football/Bocce
·         A good book
·         Musical instruments
·         Fishing pole (catch and release only!)
What NOT to bring
·         Cell phones
·         Water toys (we won’t have room on the bus for SUPs, etc…)

Enjoy the final stretch of your summer and, as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions!
All Best,