Hello, 10th Grade Parents!
A quarter of the school year has passed. Read on for the teacher’s most recent reports.
Core Classes:
A summary of activities and lessons are listed under each class below.
You are encouraged to check out teachers DP’s by clicking the links to find out what your student is learning at AHS.

  • Humanities and Social Studies – Lori Fisher

In the month of November, my humanities students will continue their study of genocide, focusing on the social psychology of genocide and reconciliation.  As we finish with our case study of the Rwandan genocide, students will be choosing a 20th or 21st century genocide to focus on, and will begin their research in preparation for writing a Op Ed and creating our genocide museum exhibition. Please encourage your students to check the lessons page of my DP nightly for homework, and to find any missing resources on the documents page.  You can find all this at www.animashumanities10.weebly.com. As always, please feel free to contact me with questions and concerns!
DP – https://animashumanities10.weebly.com/

  • Humanities and Social Studies – Shane Nelson

Our Class will be diving into the November ballot. Utilizing the informational Bluebook, we will be researching the entire ballot. I absolutely encourage you to have conversations with your children about what the issues are, who is running, what they stand for and how it could affect our community, state and nation. After the election, we will be investigating the results and the outcomes with a critical eye. From there we will be continuing our focus on writing, (both personal and formal formats) and studying the previous decades’ events that have led to our current state of affairs.
DP –  https://shanenelsonanimashighschool.weebly.com/

  • Science – Summer Sanford

Students are designing and conducting research projects around growing plants. We are doing these research projects along with Math 2. They have just started their unit on sample sizes and learning how to run and interpret statistical analysis. Students will be conducting research, comparing different designs (if building they are building something like an aquaponics unit), and getting their designs approved by Dan and me. Once they are approved they can start their research projects! We are planning on a collaborative exhibit in January.
DP – http://summersanford.weebly.com/

  • Math – Dan Thurber

Collaborative unit with Summer and science. See Summer’s report above.
DP – http://danthurber.weebly.com
Advisory Happenings:

  • November advisory activities will include a Thanksgiving gathering with an emphasis on the practice of gratitude and appreciation. Next Grade Check is scheduled for 11/28–parents should receive an email home from your student summarizing how they’re doing academically as we near the end of the first semester.

Career and College Prep: Jess Adams and Janae Hunderman

  • Sophomores engaged in refreshing their memory on the career clusters this month in their advisory. Each sophomore advisory played a bingo game that aligned careers to career clusters, thus allowing students to learn about potential careers they did not know existed, and provide a refresher from their freshman year about the key characteristics of career clusters.

DP  https://collegepreparationanimashighschool.weebly.com/
Special Events:
Please join us for the next Osprey Parent Coffee on Friday, 11/30, 8:30 in Ashley Carruth’s classroom. This is an opportunity to meet other AHS parents, check in with Sean and Libby and hear what’s happening at school. Bring your mug, feedback and questions!
Please reach out if you have feedback about what you would like to see in these monthly updates for sophomore parents.
Margery Poitras
10th Grade Parent Volunteer