Hello, 11th Grade Parents- Class of 2020!
November is already here and the holidays are on the way.  As high school moves on, I find that my kids are asking to spend more times with friends and during the holidays this can be challenging.  In our family the holidays are a time for family, connection and traditions. The holidays are also a great reminder of the importance of appreciating others values and being grateful for the goodness we have.  Honoring what our teens value is important to them and working together to find a balance of family and friends may prove a more connected and peaceful holiday season.
Here is a peek into “What’s Happening” in your students core classes, advisories, career, link internship and college prep information.
Core Classes:   A summary of activities and lessons are listed under each class below.Please click on the links to access teachers digital portfolio.  DP’s can be an amazing resource for students and parents and can be used for finding homework, understand what a teacher is looking for and what’s coming up.

  • Humanities and Social Studies

Sara Price  DP http://saraprice.weebly.com/
We are wrapping up the content section of the labor project right now and as of November 1st we will start our podcasts. Students will take the content they have learned and dive deep into one current labor issue. This may require support from parents, since some students will need to use class time to conduct interviews off campus, while others may need support with rides after school to meet up with interview candidates. Stay tuned as we finalize the project for more details on exhibition details. We are currently shooting for around December 11th, depending on how deep the students want to take the exhibition process.
Jessica Mccullim  DP http://jessicaahs11.blogspot.com/
Jessica’s juniors continue their study of rhetoric and ideology and have transitioned into the project phase, where they are researching diverse perspectives on a variety of political issues and interviewing people who may or may not share their beliefs. In the spirit of training to participate in civil discourse for democracy, they will be doing some work next week in non-violent communication with local expert Rachel Turiel. We look forward to our exhibition in early December where community members will be invited to participate in political dialogues and be persuaded by our nuanced, common ground-seeking Rogerian arguments. Stay tuned for an announcement on date and time for exhibition!
Chemistry  Steve Smith  https://sites.google.com/site/chemistryorigahsstevesmith/home
Throughout the fall semester chemistry students will be investigating chemistry through the complementary lenses of materials science and how we choose to dispose of the materials in our lives; whether through reusing, recycling or discarding. It is my intention that students will develop a nuanced and complete understanding of what happens to materials when we throw them in the trash or the recycling bin and how the molecular or atomic structure of materials like paper, metals or plastics impact their journey once they enter the trash or recycling waste stream. Students will have the opportunity to give careful consideration to their personal material ‘waste’ streams and create projects of their own design to educate others or improve waste streams in their home or their community. We will likely take a field trip to several recycling and trash processing facilities later in the semester. Please stay tuned for more information. Up to this point the work we have been doing in chemistry is intended to lay the foundation for the investigations described above, so our work has largely been decontextualized from the larger thematic focus. Since the last update students have completed their first major lab assignment, the separation of a mixture lab and taken their first significant test. On Friday 10/12 we were back up in the FLC lab exploring the structure of the atom through flame spectroscopy. Essentially, when different substances are energized, in our case by flames, they emit light which can be used to identify the substance. Over the next few weeks we will extend our study of atomic structure, learn about how to use the Periodic Table and learn about how and why atoms form bonds with each other. On November 2nd, the students will complete their 3rd lab at FLC on a topic yet to be determined. Please ask them about how it went!
MathLauren Lucky  DP  https://laurenluckyahs.webs.com/
In Math 3 we have started our unit on systems of equations and linear programming with 3 variables, which means graphing lines and planes in 3D space. We are currently graphing points and planes in 3D and writing equations to match situations. Things are becoming complicated quickly and by the end of the unit Matrices will swoop in to save the day. We recently completed a fun POW involving powers of 2 and knights of the round table. Our current POW is a number puzzle in which students must prove their answers are the only ones that work – or not.
Advisory Happenings:
November advisory activities will include a Thanksgiving gathering with an emphasis on the practice of gratitude and appreciation. Next Grade Check is scheduled for 11/28–parents should receive an email home from your student summarizing how they’re doing academically as we near the end of the first semester.
Career and College Prep:        Jess Adams
DP https://collegepreparationanimashighschool.weebly.com/
Juniors started to dive into what they want out of a college by drawing a picture of themselves in their ideal college setting. These pictures will be used throughout the year while they are researching colleges to discuss what are their key pieces that would determine “fit” for a college. Additionally students answered a series of questions on their “My Ideal College List” worksheet which will allow Jess to start thinking about and recommending colleges for them to research based off of their needs.
Link Internship   Janae Hunderman  https://ahsinternships.weebly.com/
Juniors have completed at least two Interest Surveys and updated their DPs. These results give them great tools for talking about themselves on their upcoming resume, cover letter, and mock interviews in December. Janae is meeting with each junior individually to support them in securing a LINK Internship that aligns with their interests. In early November, Janae will go over how to contact mentors and give students the time to work on LINK tasks.
Special Events:
Please join us for the next Osprey Parent Coffee on Friday, 11/30, 8:30 in Ashley Carruth’s classroom. This is an opportunity to meet other AHS parents, check in with Sean and Libby and hear what’s happening at school. Bring your mug, feedback and questions!
Thanksgiving Break November 17-26.
How You Can Support Your Student this Month:
Here is a great article on Teens and the holidays.
What Would You Like to Know?      

  • What  else do you want to know?
  • Would you like to meet more parents and grow connection? Are you new to AHS?
  • Do you have a thought or suggestion on how we can support our students?

I’d love to hear from you, please let me know if you enjoy getting this parent letter. Happy Thanksgiving and we are so thankful you are a part of the AHS community.
Bev Vaughn ::  Class of 2020 Parent Liaison::  Animas High School
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